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Tonight on Soundstage: National Puppet Radio by Sheila Cowley – a ludicrously silly piece produced at WMNF in the early part of this century.

Tonight on Soundstage: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed by Lean and Hungry Theater.

This Sunday on Soundstage: A River in the Desert by Mark Leib: In 1941, an SS officer following the German army into Poland encounters the Jewish philosophy professor whom he studied with and idolized a decade earlier. In a tense confrontation, the younger and the elder man consider the lives that they’ve chosen and the forces that motivate them. Can a Nazi and a Jew find any common ground whatsoever? And will the SS man be able to do a favor for his old teacher – or is it too late for anyone’s generosity?

Recorded live in January 2012 as part of the Studio@620 WMNF Radio Theater Project.


WMNF is fundraising this week. Help support radio theater and community radio by giving online here. Thanks!

We have a special Passover show this week – The Witches of Lublin. 

They say a family of witches appeared in the city of Lublin in Poland, in the early spring of the Christian year 1797. For the Jews of Lublin, it was 5557…

Tonight on Soundstage: a re-broadcast of an episode from 4/24/11:  Ken Nordine, Negativland, Offramp, The Firesign Theatre, and The Sixty Second Radio Hour.

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