Soundstage broadcast for Feb 24, 2013

Tonight on Soundstage: Episode 4 in The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin, Cabaret Detective by Paul Wilborn and Matt Cowley, and Francisco Menendez by Bob Devin-Jones, both recorded in February 2013 as part of the Radio Theatre Project at the Studio@620. Noel Berlin was written by Paul Wilborn and Matt Cowley and directed by Ron Satlof. The cast… Continue reading Soundstage broadcast for Feb 24, 2013

WMNF is fundraising

WMNF is fundraising this week. We need your help to keep community radio and radio theatre on the air. You can donate online and support Soundstage here. Thanks very much for your support!

Soundstage broadcast for Feb. 10, 2013

Tonight on Soundstage: Shelter by Matt Cowley, recorded in January 2013 as part of the Studio@620 WMNF Radio Theater Project. Directed by Julia Flood. The cast included Jim Wicker, Lisa Powers Tricomi, Bonnie Agan, Bob Heitman, and Ed Lehmann.   Also, The Letter D from Offramp, WMNF’s improvisationally-based radio theater troupe.    

Soundstage broadcast for February 3, 2013

Tonight on Soundstage: three pieces recorded at the WMNF Studio@620 Radio Theater Project: Eugene Oregon and the Case of the Best Sandwich by Jim Rayfield, Day of the Onondaga by Bill Leavengood, and Photographs by Corinne Fleischer.