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Tonight on Soundstage: three pieces from The Best of Stan Freberg: Christmas Dragnet, Green Christmas, and St. George and the Dragonet.  Also, Not Quite the Solution He Expected, from The Firesign Theatre.

Tonight on Soundstage – a special edition of The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin, Cabaret Detective recorded live at the Studio@620 in October 2015 as part of the Radio Theatre Project Live..

written by Paul Wilborn and Matt Cowley

Noel Berlin: Paul Wilborn

Belle: Eugenie Bondurant

O’Reilly: Rich Rice

Mayor Niceman; Mayor Rick Kriseman (recorded), Mark Hanks (live)

Mayor Greco: himself

Councilman Steve Kornell: himself

Victim #1: Janet Keeler

Anonymous Councilmember: Lisa Lippincort

Bad Guy #1: Jim Rayfield

Bad Guy #2: Bob Heitman

Worker: Jacob Barrens

Reporter: Janelle Irwin

Sound effects: Matt Cowley

Sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

Sound technicians: Mildred Mattos and Jacob Barrens




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