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Tonight on Soundstage: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed by Lean and Hungry Theater.

Tonight on Soundstage: three pieces from The Best of Stan Freberg: Christmas Dragnet, Green Christmas, and St. George and the Dragonet.  Also, Not Quite the Solution He Expected, from The Firesign Theatre.

Tonight on Soundstage – a special edition of The Continuing Adventures of Noel Berlin, Cabaret Detective recorded live at the Studio@620 in October 2015 as part of the Radio Theatre Project Live..

written by Paul Wilborn and Matt Cowley

Noel Berlin: Paul Wilborn

Belle: Eugenie Bondurant

O’Reilly: Rich Rice

Mayor Niceman; Mayor Rick Kriseman (recorded), Mark Hanks (live)

Mayor Greco: himself

Councilman Steve Kornell: himself

Victim #1: Janet Keeler

Anonymous Councilmember: Lisa Lippincort

Bad Guy #1: Jim Rayfield

Bad Guy #2: Bob Heitman

Worker: Jacob Barrens

Reporter: Janelle Irwin

Sound effects: Matt Cowley

Sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

Sound technicians: Mildred Mattos and Jacob Barrens




Tonight on Soundstage: Two pieces from Closed on Account of Rabies: Berenice, featuring Dr. John, and Annabel Lee, featuring Marianne Faithful.

Tonight on Soundstage: Bliss by William Jess Russell, directed by Bonnie Agan.

Burt takes care of everyone’s grave in the cemetery except for Olivia, a teenaged girl who died in a car accident, making blood enemies of her brother Larry and her boyfriend Ham, who was driving. These three, along with two homeless men and a mysterious stranger, meet in the cemetery thirty years later. Will old hatreds lead to another tragedy?

“Boston cemetery,” © 2009 Dixie Lawrence, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

The cast was:

Burt: Jim Sorenson

Johnny: John Van Middlesworth

Simon: Rich Rice

Ham: Bob Heitman

Larry: Jim Wicker

Paul Wilborn: Judas Priest

Sound effects by Matt Cowley

Sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

Music by Paul Wilborn

In-studio signing for the hearing impaired: Carol Downing

Stage manager: Maggie Romigh

This piece was recorded live in March, 2014 at the Studio@620, as part of the Radio Theatre Project, a joint presentation of WMNF and the Studio@620.

Tonight on Soundstage: the third and final part of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, directed by Connie Frankel and performed by Tampa Rep On The Air, a production of The Tampa Repertory Theatre.  The show was recorded live in the studios of WMNF.

Tonight on Soundstage: Part 2 of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, performed at WMNF in front of a live audience by Tampa Rep On The Air, a production of The Tampa Repertory Theatre.


Tonight on Soundstage: Part 1 of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde,  directed by Connie Frankel, performed by Tampa Repertory Theatre’s as part of TampaRep On The Air.


Tonight on Soundstage: Pilgrims in the Storm from the WMNF Studio@620 Radio Theater Project.

Tonight on Soundstage:

A Tribute to a King written by Rev. Charles McKenzie, Jr.

recorded live in January 2015 as part of the Radio Theatre Project

Adapted for radio and directed by Bonnie Agan
Rev. Charles McKenzie Jr as Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bob Heitman: narrator
Tia Jemison: Mahalia Jackson
Rich Rice
Mimi Rice
Bob Devin Jones
Paul Wilborn
Eugenie Bondurant
Maggie Romigh
Nancy Cole
Leroy Mitchell, Jr.
Tia Jemison

sound effects by Matt Cowley

sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

sound technician: Jacob Barrens

In-studio interpreting for the deaf by Carol Downing

stage manager: Maggie Romigh


and, two short pieces from the Sixty Second Radio Hour, written and produced by Matt Cowley:

Rage, featuring the voice of Ray Bonneville, and Consuela’s Mexican Radio, featuring Slaid Cleaves.


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