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Tonight on Soundstage: The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard, Part 1 from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

Tonight on Soundstage: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, performed by Lean and Hungry Theater.

Tonight on Soundstage:

The Chatterbox Club by Jim Rayfield, featuring Chris Jackson as Grant, Eugenie Bondurant as Gayle, Julia Flood as the Hostess and Steve White as Eddie. Directed by Nancy Cole. Sound effects by Matt Cowley, sound mixer Mark Perfetti.

Were Can We Leave the Boat? by Offramp, improvised by Gary Bass, Matt Cowley and Dave Waterman, edited and produced by Sheila Cowley.

The Jungle by Matt Cowley, featuring the voice of Callie Lawson.

This Will Be Our Year by Matt Cowley, featuring the voices of Eugenie Bondurant, Mimi Rice, and Richard Rice, directed by Richard Rice. Sound effects by Matt Cowley, sound mixer Mark Perfetti.

Happy Holidays! Tonight on Soundstage: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas by Norman Corwin, featuring Orson Welles.

Tonight on Soundstage: The StudioWMNF performance from July 2014 at the Glazer Children’s Museum:


Thanks to a generous grant from the [Hillsborough County Arts Council](, we present the second episode of StudioMNF. . . Celebrating the vital Hillsborough River right on its shores, at the incredible Glazer Children’s Museum in downtown Tampa from 2pm – 3pm.

The show will feature storytelling by noted actor [Fanni Green](, music by local favorite [Ronnie Elliott]( – plus the [Tampa Repertory Theatre]( will perform a radio play for kids – *Radio Duck* by [Sheila Cowley]( with live sound effects artist [Matt Cowley](, using wonderful old-fashioned sound effects kids can try out for themselves after the show.

The show is free with [Museum]( admission.


Tonight on Soundstage: StudioWMNF at the Carrollwood Cultural Center:


Thanks to a generous grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County <>, and the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners, <> WMNF celebrates the neighborhood of Carrollwood, and its thriving arts and culture.

We’ll be at the amazing [Carrollwood Cultural Center](, with music, poetry and art by Carrollwood artists. Plus a terrific new radio play by [Jim Rayfield](, along with live sound effects artist [Matt Cowley]( And a brand new comic ode to traffic by Jonathan Cho of the sketch comedy troupe, [Some Sort of Show](

Plus. these exciting artists just added to the lineup!
We have poet Rhonda J. Nelson and The Sara Rose Band!

Tonight on Soundstage: StudioWMNF, Seminole Heights Edition.

StudioWMNF was a series of four site-specific variety shows funded by a grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, each featuring music, theater and spoken word based around the neighborhood surrounding the event.

This performance was at the Seminole Heights Library , and featured:

Love You Back, written by Jim Wicker, directed by Jo Averill-Snell and performed by the Improbable Atthanaeum Theatre Company;

An excerpt from Little Tuneswritten and performed by Ned Averill-Snell;

A performance by the band Stolen Idols,

Poetry by Nia Scott,

and an introduction to and history of the area by Linda Saul-Sena, read by Laura Taylor.

Sound effects by Matt Cowley, sound mixer Mark Perfetti, production assistant Jacob Barrens. Thanks to the Friends of the Seminole Heights Library.



Tonight on Soundstage: Episode 7 from Season 3 of Offramp, improvisationally-based radio theater produced right here at WMNF.

Tonight on Soundstage: Episode 5 from Season 1 of Offramp, plus The Visitors from The Sixty Second Radio Hour.

Tonight on Soundstage: Episode 8 from Season 3 of Offramp, WMNF’s locally-produced improvisationally-based cabinet of oddities.

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