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Tonight on Soundstage: Live Alligator Wrestling by Doug Cooney, recorded live at the Studio@620 in April 2012 as part of the Studio@620 WMNF Radio Theater Project. The performance features the voices of Jim Wicker and Susan Alexander.

Tonight on Soundstage: Wait by Julie Jensen, recorded in March 2013 as part of the Radio Theatre Project.

Tonight on Soundstage: Florida Folks and the Tales They Do, written and performed by Phyllis McEuen and Bob Devin Jones as part of the Radio Theater Project presented by the Studio@620 and WMNF.  African-American folk tales and songs collected by Zora Neale Hurston in Florida in the 1930′s.

Tonight on Soundstage: three short pieces from the Radio Theater Project: Remembering Billy by Matt Cowley, The Village Idiot by Jim Wicker, and Something’s Going to Happen by Corinne Fleischer.


Tonight on Soundstage: Trouble at the Supermarket by Howard Carter, and Contract Removals  by Alan Barkley.

Recorded live in March, 2015 at the Studio@620 as part of the Radio Theatre Project Live!

Contract Removals was directed by Bob Devin Jones and featured:

Bonnie Agan as Amanda

Bob Heitman as Vince

Jacob Barrens as Roy


Trouble at the Supermarket was directed by Jim Wicker and featured

Rich Rice as Ted

Mimi Rice as Sarah

Lisa Powers-Tricomi as LuAnn

Ron Satlof as the Security Guard

Leroi Mitchell as the Store Manager

Bob Heitman as Newscaster Frank

Bonnie Agan as Newscaster Jill


Sound effects by Matt Cowley

Sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

Sound technician: Jacob Barrens

In-studio interpreting for the deaf by Carol Downing

Stage Manager: Maggie Romigh


Tonight on Soundstage: Shakedown at the Syndrome Cabaret, part 1 of Big Big Space by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

Tonight on Soundstage: Night Cap at the Bardo Hotel, part two of the second series of The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.


Tonight on Soundstage: The Devil’s Tune on an Angel’s Horn, part 1 of The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard 2 from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

Tonight on Soundstage: Part 2 of The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre: The Overflowing Paper Cup of Mind.

Tonight on Soundstage: The Apocalypse of Bill Lizard, Part 1 from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre.

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