Soundstage broadcast for August 17, 2014

Tonight on Soundstage:

Lost Satellites by Eugenie Carabatsos, directed by LeRoy Mitchell, Jr.

The cast was Pamela White as Ally, Jim Wicker as Ben, and Eugenie Bondurant as the GPS.

Sound effects by Matt Cowley

Sound mixer Mark Perfetti

Music by Paul Wilborn

In-studio interpreting for the deaf: Carol Downing

Studio@620 House Manager: Nick Hughes

Stage Manager: Maggie Romigh

Announcer: Ron Satlof

Recorded live at the Studio@620 as part of the Radio Theatre Project.


And, four pieces from the Sixty Second Radio Hour, written and produced by Matt Cowley:

Consuela’s Mexican Radio, featuring the voice of Slaid Cleaves,

Woman Named Johnny, featuring the voice of Peter Rowan,

Rage, featuring the voice of Ray Bonneville,

and Carvings, featuring the voice of Bob Schneider.

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