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Tonight on Soundstage: StudioWMNF, Seminole Heights Edition.

StudioWMNF was a series of four site-specific variety shows funded by a grant from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County, each featuring music, theater and spoken word based around the neighborhood surrounding the event.

This performance was at the Seminole Heights Library , and featured:

Love You Back, written by Jim Wicker, directed by Jo Averill-Snell and performed by the Improbable Atthanaeum Theatre Company;

An excerpt from Little Tuneswritten and performed by Ned Averill-Snell;

A performance by the band Stolen Idols,

Poetry by Nia Scott,

and an introduction to and history of the area by Linda Saul-Sena, read by Laura Taylor.

Sound effects by Matt Cowley, sound mixer Mark Perfetti, production assistant Jacob Barrens. Thanks to the Friends of the Seminole Heights Library.



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