Soundstage broadcast for October 11, 2015

Tonight on Soundstage: Bliss by William Jess Russell, directed by Bonnie Agan.

Burt takes care of everyone’s grave in the cemetery except for Olivia, a teenaged girl who died in a car accident, making blood enemies of her brother Larry and her boyfriend Ham, who was driving. These three, along with two homeless men and a mysterious stranger, meet in the cemetery thirty years later. Will old hatreds lead to another tragedy?

“Boston cemetery,” © 2009 Dixie Lawrence, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

The cast was:

Burt: Jim Sorenson

Johnny: John Van Middlesworth

Simon: Rich Rice

Ham: Bob Heitman

Larry: Jim Wicker

Paul Wilborn: Judas Priest

Sound effects by Matt Cowley

Sound mixer: Mark Perfetti

Music by Paul Wilborn

In-studio signing for the hearing impaired: Carol Downing

Stage manager: Maggie Romigh

This piece was recorded live in March, 2014 at the Studio@620, as part of the Radio Theatre Project, a joint presentation of WMNF and the Studio@620.

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